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pool product recommendations

 Pool Product Recommendations

Pool Vacuums

Pool cleaners can be categorized into three different types :

  1. Suction Cleaners (sucks water & dirt into the pool filter) 
  2. Pressure Cleaners (blows water. Venturi effect collects dirt in a bag)
  3. Robotic Cleaners (electric powered)

Suction cleaners use the pump motor to power the unit. The cleaner operates when the pump motor is running. The most popular of these is the Hayward Navigator. The hose connects to either the skimmer, or has a separate connector on the pool wall. Generally, the Barracuda types are the cheapest, but may not cover the whole pool. Also, the diaphragm regularly needs replacing due to the force exerted on the rubber, casing it to split.

Pressure cleaners also use the pump motor (often, a secondary motor), to create sufficient pressure to power the unit and collect dirt in a bag mounted on the cleaner. The most popular is the Polaris 360.

Robotic cleaners are powered by an electrical cord and a 12-24v transformer plugged into a standard electrical outlet. Typically, they are programmed to operate for a couple of hours a day, and collect dirt in a bag inside the cleaner.  These have tended to be a lot more expensive. However, newer models have dramatically reduced the cost. The most popular being the Nitro Smartkleen.

Of the three different types, suction cleaners reduce the circulation capacity for moving water around. Pressure cleaners also reduces circulation, requiring a wall jet to mount the hose. Robotic cleaners are the most effective, only running when programmed, and does not negate the effectiveness of the pump/water circulation.

Recommendations -

Nitro Smartkleen NC22  Robotic Cleaner

Hayward Navigator Pro - Suction Cleaner

Pentair Great White  - Suction Cleaner



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