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how to clean a salt cellHow To Clean a Salt Cell


A salt cell is almost, but not quite maintenance free. Your salt controller will probably ask you to inspect the salt cell roughly every 3 months. This is to check that calcium deposits are not clogging and preventing water from being charged by the "fins" inside the unit, which converts the dissolved salt into chlorine gas. Manufacturers provide instructions for how to clean. some units are easier than others. If the unit is not cleaned, eventually, the calcium  prevents progressively less amounts of chlorine gas being produced, resulting in the pool not being sanitized and algae formation.

The most popular units are manufactured by Hayward, called Goldline or Aqua Rite.

To remove, switch off the pump motor. Unplug the cord running from the cell where it is plugged into the Controller.  Then unscrew the cell connectors at each end. The unit can now be removed.

Seal the cordless end of the unit.  Then fill the other end 2/3 with water, and ad muratic acid until the mix is 2/3 water & 1/3 acid. The fins must be covered. leave standing upright for 15 minutes, then check if the calcium deposits have been removed. Leave longer if necessary.    

Tip - from your local pool store, obtain a 2 1/2" plug  with a butterfly tightener. Place the plug in the (cordless) end and tighten with the butterfly nut, until it creates a watertight seal. This is the most inexpensive way. A proper end-cap can be bought - see image. Also, to save you time, a cap is NOT available in the DIY stores. Trust me, I tried.       

Fitting is a reverse of the removal procedure. Ensure that the caps are hand-tightened only. IF a leak develops, get new "o" rings for each end of the cell. 

Do not get Muratic Acid on your skin or clothes. Wash off any splashes immediately before skin is irritated.




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