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how to clean a poolHow To Clean A Pool

You will need some equipment : 

Aluminum Pole (extendable), Nylon Brush, Flexible Hose, Vacuum Head, Tile Brush.

On a weekly basis :

Brush the tile line all around the pool. 

brush the walls of your pool, top to bottom. Also brush ladders and steps.

Vacuum the floor (unless an automatic cleaner is present).

Switch off the pump motor to Inspect and empty baskets in the skimmer and the pump. Ensure the pump basket lid is securely hand tightened closed to prevent air leaks, but DO NOT over-tighten - or you may have a problem opening the next time.

On a monthly basis, clean or backwash your filter. This may need to be done on a bi-weekly or even a weekly basis depending on if the pool is inside an enclosure, or a lot of dirt finds it's way into the pool.

These steps do not take long, and algae prevention is a lot easier and cheaper than allowing algae to form and having to treat.

Check/Adjust chemical levels per the "Chemically balance your pool" page.

Sanitation - Add a chlorine tab to your chlorinator or floater weekly, or more for larger pools. if no chlorinating device is present, put 2 chlorine tabs in the skimmer This method will dissipate the chlorine tabs faster (I recommend adding a floater or chlorinator to lessen the long term costs of having to use more tabs). If there is an adjustment on the chlorinator, you can dial back in cooler months.

Shocking your pool - some pools may need shocking on a weekly basis. Some pools may rarely need shocking. Depending on how good the pool circulation is, and how clean the pool is kept largely determine the frequency. Note - ensure your pool inlet jets point down, and circulate the water in a circular direction. This greatly assists the water to move dirt out of the skimmer and main drain. Also, prevents water stagnating through lack of movement. Seeing your pool jets make a pretty pattern on the surface may look nice, but is doing nothing to help the cleanliness and sanitation of the pool water   




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