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how to treat a green poolHow To Treat a Green Pool

A green pool is the result of a pool that is contaminated with algae. This is usually caused by a low/no level of chlorine, no or poor circulation of the water, contamination of foreign matter, or a combination of the above.

Super chlorinating the pool will kill the algae. The amount to use will depend on the degree of contamination. If the pool just has small traces of algae, 1 or 2 jugs should be sufficient. If algae has taken over for a matter of weeks, larger quantities will be required. Anywhere from 1 chlorine jug to 8 or more (depending on the size of the pool). The longer the pool has turned, more chlorine will be needed.

Keep the pump running constantly to mix/circulate the chemicals, and to remove dead particles to the filter. 

Follow the steps in "How to chemically balance your pool" and re-adjust until all readings are within an acceptable range.

A saying in the trade is - there is no such thing as too much chlorine !!!  But, don't enter the pool until the chlorine level has dissipated, and it is thoroughly diluted into the pool water. Generally speaking, next day is safe enough, but check chlorine level is 5 or below - or skin irritations could occur.

The Algae should be killed within a day. Now, you are stuck with the dead particles in the cloudy water, and on the pool floor (will require vacuuming). The dead particles are removed by the filter. Particles must be removed by cleaning the filter daily, until the water is clear. If this is not done, the filter will clog up and restrict circulation, leading to stagnation and the return of algae.

 Note - If the pool has been neglected for several months, consider employing a pool professional to drain and acid clean the walls. Always ensure they are licensed and carry insurance in case the pool "pops-out" of the ground.

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